VitaPro Quality Care Procedures

Systematic Quality Care Procedures for VitaPro products:

All raw material suppliers are chosen carefully and ingredients are inspected as they are received. All packaging and shipping products are visually inspected for defects and flaws.

Tests include the following:

Organoleptic:Flavour and aroma of the cooked ingredient.

Physical Testing:Particle size, colour, viscosity and texture of cooked ingredient.

Chemical Testing:Salt levels, fat constituents, pH and moisture according to established procedures for each ingredient.

All data is recorded and the rotation of stock is verified in order to ensure that ingredients with the oldest inventory date are processed first.

Finished product is routinely and randomly sampled and its organoleptic quality is compared to an established quality standard. The viscosity, mouth-feel, texture, colour and overall appearance of the reconstituted product is evaluated. Each batch is weighed and visually inspected prior to packaging.

Strict handling and processing guidelines govern all aspects of the manufacturing process in order to avoid potential contamination of the finished product by metal or any other foreign substance.

Fine ingredients are sifted and carefully inspected. Any substandard or contaminated ingredients are returned to the supplier.

Production standards prohibit the wearing of jewellery or any other loose items such as but not limited to pens, pencils or other personal items in the production and packaging areas of the manufacturing facility. All government mandated food processing regulations are adhered to.

Raw ingredients and packaging materials alike are handled with the upmost care in order to avoid potential contamination. All processing equipment is maintained in good working order and inspected in accordance with government guidelines.